Diet RX - Body Rx:Dr. Connelly's Death Diet

West Sacramento, California 0 comments

Body Rx: Death Diet by Dr. Scott Connelly is a more like a prescription of a slow death sentence masked as a diet and fitness plan.

My girlfriend bought this book hoping to improve her overall health and fitness and nearly ended up in the hospital. She lost muscle and developed very serious medical problems including poor organ function and got seriously depression after the doctor told her that the symptoms could be fatal if left untreated or if she continued the regiment.

I have done some searching and found that this is a growing problem. This is a scam, a very dangerous one!!!!

Diet RX - WARNING-Dr. Connelly's Body Rx is a Prescription for Death!

San Jose, California 2 comments

Aproximately 4 months ago I started this new diet program called Body Rx: Dr. Connelly's 6 Pack Ab Prescription.

I was pretty healthy and in pretty good shape but I wanted to improve those things even more. Apparently i made the wrong decision in chosing this deadly diet program. About 3.5 months into it a I suffered from a painful attack. It was my kidneys.

Completely devastated and terrified I had to change everything. I am under strict doctors diet and care to try to repair the damages. Do not try this. It could cost you everything.

My doctor told me that there has been a lot of reports of fraud and scams on Dr. Connelly, who is technically just an anesthesiologist. I'm lucky I didn't die. I'm lucky to be alive.

WARNING-THIS COULD HAVE COST ME MY LIFE. Don't let it cost you yours.


Chloe Lovington

Dr. Scott Connelly and Pax Beale caused me to have a hysterectomy at 16 after they hired an unlicensed person to perform an abortion on me.

BodyRx which is Dr. Scott Connelly's new company, has caused people to become sick and even die from his tainted products.

He and Pax are now taking BodyRx to Canada because they are banned by the FTC in the USA.


:eek Dr. Scott Connelly worked with Pax Beale in abortion clinics in northern california.

They hired unlicensed practitoners to perform the abortions which led to many complications and eventually a 2nd degree murder charge. The state took Connelly's medical license and he reinvented himself as a sports nutrition guru.

His new bars have already caused the death of one person. Put his name into Rip Off Reports.

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